Scott Kelby Tethering Kit

The Scott Kelby Tethering Kit combines all of Scott’s favorite Tether Tools products into one ultimate kit. From the portable, yet stable Tether Table Aero to the high-visibility orange USB TetherPro Cable, these products are everything you need to create your ultimate tethered workstation for shooting in studio or on location.


XDC (1 Hard Drive)


Take It from a Pro

Tether Table Aero

Designed to meet the needs of photographers and creative individuals looking for a lightweight, portable workstation with unsurpassed durability. Aero Tables fit perfectly on all standard lightstands, c-stands, and tripods.

Aero Cup Holder

Quite possibly Scott’s favorite Tether Table accessory, the pop-out cup holder conveniently attaches to the Tether Table Aero to hold beverages, small tools, or even a cell phone. The cantilevered design attaches to the side of the table and tucks away nicely when not in use.

Scott Kelby posing in a behind the scenes shot
Scott Kelby taking a picture of a female model


The SecureStrap for the Aero System is designed to fasten your laptop computer to your Tether Table, insuring it will stay firmly in place.

“The SecureStrap has saved my laptop on more than one occasion.” – Scott Kelby

Aero XDC

Extra hard drive space! The Aero XDC + XDC Duo (eXternal Drive Compartment) allows you to attach external hard drives to your Tether Table Aero without taking up valuable space on the platform. Enjoy all the benefits of immediately backing up your work to external hard drives without having to worry about where you will put them.

TetherPro USB Cable

The preferred cable of professional photographers everywhere, TetherPro Cables are designed to the highest specifications to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors, all cables are fully shielded to protect against external signal interference.

“The high-visibility orange color stops folks from tripping over your USB cable. Perfect for both in-studio or on location shoots.” – Scott Kelby

TetherGuard Camera and Computer Port Protection

A clean, organized, and safe environment keeps cables, cameras, and everyone on the set protected. Keep cables organized and securely attached with Tether Tools’ TetherGuard cable management tools.

Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar

Featuring all metal construction, the Cross Bar lets you mount your Tether Table Aero on the same solid support as your camera. Shoot from the ballhead or shoot hand held and use the ballhead as a place to set your camera down when you’re not shooting.

Rock Solid Tripod Roller

The Rock Solid Tripod Roller gives wheels to most any tripod and offers mobility for Tether Table Laptop workstations.

“Usually you have to pick up and move your tethered workstation, and if you do that you have a chance to knock your laptop off. I’d much rather have it be rolling. The Tripod Roller is very portable, folds up and fits into its own case, and works for any tripod.” – Scott Kelby


This kit does not include a tripod

Suggested Uses:

  • This kit is perfect for a photographer who is looking to make the transition from studio work to a tethered workflow.

Product Specifications:

Tether Table Aero Standard

  • 18″w x 15.25″d (45cm x 38cm)
  • Black, non-reflective finish


  • Adjustable to fit all Tether Tables in the Aero system and all laptop sizes
  • Black


  • Designed to fit most mobile external hard drives
  • Inside dimensions of 3 7/8″w x 1 1/8″h x 6″d (98mm x 29mm x 152mm)
  • Can be positioned on either side of the Tether Table Standard
  • Black, non-reflective finish

TetherPro Cable

  • 15ft (4.6m) long
  • Black or High-Visibilty Orange

TetherGuard Cable Management

  • TetherGuard works with USB, CAT, HDMI, or flash sync cables 3.5 – 8.5mm in diameter
  • The Camera Support has magnetic locking or quick-release features and the Computer Support attaches easily to any flat surface to keep cables secured on the table.  Both tips and cable ports will stay protected and in great condition for long term use.

Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar

  • Arm features 4 – 3/8″ threads for versatility and flexibility for mounting various accessories including the Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm
  • Dimensions: 4″x4″x25″
  • Non-reflective black finish, with silver knurled thread locking plates

Rock Solid Tripod Roller

  • All aluminum legs with an ABS plastic protective housing.
  • Metal locking thumbscrew and non-damaging rubber feet to hold and protect tripod legs.
  • Wheels feature all-metal locking casters with cushioned rubber threads.
  • Easy-to-turn knurled tightening screws secure each tripod leg in the dolly.
  • Expandable base legs extend from the center between 10.75″ – 15.25″
  • Total wingspan ranges from to 23″-31″
  • Height of typical tripod, installed can range from 34.25″ to 46.50″
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 33lbs (15kg)
  • Size when folded:

    • Length: 18″ (450mm)
    • Width: 6.25″ (159mm)
    • Height: 6″ (155mm)
  • Weight: 4lbs(1815g)
  • Compatible with most tripod legs and feet
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

What’s Included:

TetherPro Cable

TetherPro USB Cable (CU)


TetherGuard™ Camera Support

TetherGuard™ Camera Support (TG020)


Cross Bar

Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar (RSTAA4)


Tether Table Aero Standard

Tether Table Aero Standard (TTA1SBLK)


Aero Cup Holder

Aero Cup Holder (ASCUP21)


Aero SecureStrap

Aero SecureStrap (SS004)


Aero XDC



TetherGuard™ Cable Support 2 pack

TetherGuard™ Cable Support 2 pack (TG005)


Tripod Roller

Rock Solid Tripod Roller (RSDL012)



Tether Table Aero Storage Bag (BGAERO-SML)